Omni-channel Ordering

Offer your guests a fully self-serve, digital ordering experience with frictionless service across all ordering channels.


Mobile applications.

Drive higher visit frequency and put your brand first with beautifully designed mobile ordering apps. Customers are able to create and manage their own accounts, add payment methods, browse the menu, place customized orders, and easily reorder favorites.


In-store digital kiosks.

Multiple kiosks do more than just create shorter lines. They add an element of self-serve magic, and drive higher order throughput with zero additional labor, freeing up front of house employees so they can focus on customer engagement.


Kiosk ordering puts restaurant guests in control, resulting in higher average tickets.


Self-serve acts as the perfect gateway to mobile ordering.


Every customer feels like a "regular" with our easy to use, personalized ordering flow.


Digital signage.

Engage restaurant guests with dynamic digital menu and marketing boards. All digital content can be configured and deployed remotely, instantly updating in-store or be scheduled ahead. Reduces turnaround times to minutes instead of days or weeks, and eliminates the costs of printing and shipping marketing materials.


Omni-channel aggregation.

Gone are the days of tedious manual queue handling from multiple third-party delivery tablets. Brightloom seamlessly integrates multiple order channels into your back of house system — including in-store kiosks and POS, mobile, third-party delivery and web. 


Orders across all channels are consolidated, prioritized, and sequenced.


The queueing algorithm understands individual store's throughput for optimized fulfillment and accurate order availability times.


Ensures orders are made and ready at the right time, every time.


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