Pickup Systems

Eliminate pickup confusion with a seamless and engaging pickup experience for your customers and delivery service providers.


Choose a solution that fits your brand.


Cubby Pickup System

Your customers will be amazed and delighted by the sleek and high-tech self-serve pickup portals. Personalized touchscreen access ensures the right customer gets the right order. And it’s easy to install within a wall or as a standalone system.


Spotlight Pickup System

How smart are your shelves? Easy installation and flexible material customizations allow the system to fit into existing restaurant layouts. Modular design allows for multiple configurations to fit your brand. 


 Two systems, two ways to delight customers.



Simplify and streamline both customer and back of house pickup processes.


Integrated into third party delivery and point of sale systems to seamlessly display orders from any channel.


Enable multiple customers to be served simultaneously, alleviating overcrowding and bottlenecks often caused by mobile ordering or third party delivery.


Create a guided and personalized experience for every customer, with customizable animations that enhance your brand.


Each system includes:


Digital Status Display

Update customers and delivery drivers when their food is ready and guide them to their pickup location. Displays double as functional wayfinding, while also delivering engaging marketing messaging. 


Pickup Location Manager

Intuitive software makes it easy to orchestrate orders and manage pickup locations. Order timers allow store employees to see at-a-glance how long an order has been waiting. 


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