Meet Brightloom, where true data-driven growth becomes easier.

Our mission and vision

We help brand and restaurant marketers make the right recommendation to the right customer at the right time.

Our goal is to help the relationship between a customer and the brand to be productive, mutually beneficial, and inevitably, ensure that it’s a long lasting one.

Brightloom by the Numbers

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Meet the Leadership Team

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Customer Experience

Brightloom is proud to be a part of the STAGE family!

Our Core Values

Customer Obsession

Our customers’ success is our success. We are laser-focused on earning and keeping our customer’s trust. This starts with understanding what they need and then delivering solutions that make our customers happy.


We communicate openly, honestly, and directly — without ego. We believe that diversity of thought and true collaboration will always get us to a better answer. Even when we disagree, we commit.


We share information and eliminate ambiguity to ensure we all know where we’re going and how we’re going to get there.

Imagine Better

We think big and communicate bold visions and plans that inspire others. Using creativity and ingenuity, we blaze new trails in an ongoing quest to challenge the impossible.


We are all owners. We think long term and are accountable to our customers, each other, and our company. We are responsible for all outcomes — both good and bad.

Own It

We take risks, move fast, and aren’t afraid to ask for help along the way. And when we fail, because of course we’ll fail, we dust ourselves off and try again.

Brightloom is trusted by some of the most innovative restaurant and retail brands.

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Let us help you make the right recommendation to the right customer at the right time.