Brightloom Announces a New Integration With the Toast Platform

Mar 11, 2024

Today, Brightloom is excited to announce that it has joined the Toast Partner Ecosystem. The new integration allows restaurant brands to leverage their Toast data to effortlessly generate personalized content and engagement strategies that improve their ability to scale.

Once integrated, Brightloom provides Toast users with a detailed breakdown of their unique customer clusters, along with recommendations for how to reach each group for the most profitable results. The company’s latest offering, Brightloom Answers™, allows users to harness the world’s leading conversational AI securely inside their Toast system, so they can ask questions and get answers about their business in a simple text format.

Backed and utilized by Starbucks and other major retailers, Brightloom bridges the gap between enterprise and SMB restaurants by providing the sophistication and precision of an enterprise tool to any restaurant wherever they are on their growth journey.

Toast is a cloud-based, all-in-one digital technology platform purpose-built for the entire restaurant community. It works with integration partners in its Toast Partner Ecosystem, a curated portfolio of more than 200 partners who deliver specialized technology and services to help restaurant operators increase sales, engage guests, and keep employees happy.

“We are thrilled to welcome Brightloom to the Toast Partner Ecosystem, and delighted to offer our customers AI-powered customer segmentation engine with Toast POS and Brightloom,” says Keith Corbin, Senior Director, Business Development from Toast. “By partnering with Brightloom, restaurants can now increase customer loyalty by sending more personalized marketing campaigns to their customers.”

The move represents a significant step forward for Brightloom, furthering its mission of helping every restaurant (from those with 1 location to those with 1,000+) understand their customers better so they can reach them with the right message at the right time.

“The integration between Brightloom and Toast marks the next step in our mutual commitment to deliver innovative solutions to the restaurant industry. With this partnership, we can now activate Machine Learning models, advanced segmentation, and AI-powered recommendations to restaurants of all sizes using Toast POS”, says Kellie Zimmerman, CEO of Brightloom. “We’re entering a new era in ML and AI technology. This partnership puts it into easy reach for all Toast POS users who want to scale their business and gain deeper insights into their customers’ preferences and needs.”

About Brightloom

Brightloom is an AI-powered customer segmentation engine that helps restaurant brands scale by understanding their customers and sending personalized campaigns. It uses the world’s leading AI to recommend new content and strategies focused on improving customer loyalty metrics such as visit frequency and customer lifetime value. For more information, please visit

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