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Our talent hubs

Brightloom is a 100% remote workforce and our employees can be based anywhere in the United States.
Where we can, we concentrate our hiring in a growing number of talent hubs where teams can easily come together.

San Francisco




“There are very few opportunities in your career where you get to be a part of a team that directly disrupts and influences an entire industry and how it evolves — and Brightloom is on the bleeding-edge of that conversation for the restaurant industry.”

Danny, Customer Success



“There’s a lot of autonomy. In other companies you don’t always have the opportunity to take initiative, here it’s encouraged and expected. I get to define what I’m building and then work with my team to implement.”

Benson, Engineering



“Hands down, it is Halloween bowling. We get to get out of the office, have some healthy competition, and spend an afternoon just having fun together. I love that we have 100% participation year after year, and the separate costume contest for dogs is a lot of fun.”

Cecilia, Supply Chain

Perks & Benefits

Health Benefits

We offer a variety of health plan options, so employees can choose a plan that works best for them and their families — includes comprehensive medical, vision, dental, and life insurance.

Remote Workforce

We think empowering our employees to control how they work and where they work is a brilliant concept where everyone wins. This work philosophy allows every Bloominary to create their ideal workspace, wherever suits them best, fostering an environment that is naturally more inclusive.


We want you at your best, which means taking time off to renew and recharge. We all take an afternoon off once a week for Wellness Wednesdays for dedicated “you time”. And we offer flexible paid-time-off to take additional time for you, when you need it.


We work hard, but we also know how to relax and have fun. We have regular team outings and company-wide events, as well as bi-weekly virtual get togethers through our Culture Club to unwind and connect.


Since we’re all remote, every office is a pet friendly office, if you want it to be. We have over 72 pets in our Brightloom crew – including 33 dogs, 15 cats, 12 chickens, a mini horse, and a gecko. Studies have shown that having pets in the workplace can help reduce stress and improve blood pressure – and they’re also really cute. And to keep all of our furry/ feathered/ scaley friends healthy we offer pet insurance plans.


We offer a 401(k) plan to enable employees to start planning and saving for their future. While we’d love to keep working together forever, we know that someday you may end up retiring.

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