Customer Segment of the Month: New Doughnut Lovers

Mar 11, 2024

This is where we share a real customer segment from one of our brands that represents something interesting and actionable. We then show you how you can apply this to your own customers to improve personalization and drive loyalty.


Ok, so we all love doughnuts. But that’s not the reason we chose the “New Doughnut Lovers” segment to kick off our first Segment of the Month.

We found the “New Doughnut Lovers” at one of our QSR brands. They are essentially newly acquired customers who frequently purchase doughnuts.

Why is this segment so interesting? Let’s pick it apart.

First, this segment was revealed for a restaurant brand whose main set of products is not doughnuts at all – their core product and majority of their revenue is salads! But they offer six delicious doughnut options and 10% of their customers are there for it.

What’s more, further analysis showed that this customer group tends to include more items per order than the average customer. That’s an add-on win if we ever saw one!

Tip #1: Can you look for a segment in your customer data who purchased an item outside of your main specialty? Are there any other purchase patters you can find within the group that makes them more impactful for your business than the rest?

Second, these customers are new. Meaning that you have an opportunity to recognize them early on by sending a personalized offer for their next visit, for example.

Tip #2: If you are noticing a pattern in a group of net new customers, can you think of unique ways to recognize and reward them?

We love that this segment includes both preference and lifecycle aspects for a strong group of customers that may have otherwise gone unrecognized for the brand.

Time to get that dough ????

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