Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Building Next-Generation Loyalty Programs

With third-party delivery showing no signs of slowing down and cookies beginning to disappear, loyalty programs are more important than ever. However, implementing a “loyalty program” does not “build loyalty” in and of itself. It may generate valuable digital relationships and data, but it’s the personalized customer experiences created with those relationships and data that build true brand loyalty and affinity.

Many marketers see loyalty programs as a great source of customer engagement, yet they still struggle to leverage the appropriate data to deliver real personalization. Because the data can still be inaccurate, restaurants that simply rely on a loyalty solution to create better customer experiences will often lose when it comes to personalization.

Hear from Amperity Former CEO and co-founder Kabir Shahani and Adam Brotman, CEO of Brightloom and former CDO of Starbucks in this fireside chat on the next generation of loyalty.

What You’ll Learn

  • The role first-party data plays in creating winning customer experiences to drive loyalty
  • How brands can make the most out of the data they get from each customer interaction
  • The evolution of loyalty programs from data generator to relationship builder

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