Tuesday, April 11, 2023 2pm ET | 11am PT

Unlocking the Power of Your Data

A Guide to Getting Started for Small Restaurant Brands

Making smart business decisions that drive revenue and grow your restaurant brand starts with good data. You’ve invested in collecting so much data through POS and an ecosystem of ordering, loyalty, and engagement tools.

But do you know how to extract the most value from it and drive ROI?

At Brightloom, we’ve been helping brands for years to unlock the power of their data. Over time, we realized that most small restaurant brands struggle with the same fundamental challenges in getting started.  In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The most common issues that sabotage the value of your data and why it matters

  • How to identify and solve these problems before they undermine your investments

  • The 6 key restaurant metrics you should know and how to use them to drive growth

Meet your webinar speakers:

Sasha Bartashnik

Director of Data Products

As the Director of Data Products at Brightloom, Sasha is responsible for building products that enable restaurant brands of all sizes to move from one-size-fits-all marketing to truly segmented and personalized customer engagement. Sasha has over a decade of experience as a data science, machine learning, and analytics leader.

Prior to Brightloom Sasha worked in eCommerce leading data science and analytics teams focused on performance marketing and optimization, personalization, and search ranking.